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Receiving email through a 3rd party provider requires DNS record changes. We recommend a dedicated domain, or a sub-domain (separate from you main business domain) for this purpose. If you want to continue to use your main domain that is already in-use on an MX mail server, then you will need to continue to import tickets via the POP method in WHMCS.

Example domains

  • main business domian -
  • dedicated support/ticket domain -
  • sub-domains -,,, etc.

Plan your ticket domain ahead of time, for use in WHMCS and Email Plus+.

  1. Create an MX record for this domain, and set a priority of 10 or lower. See list below for each provider -
    • Postmark ( ->
    • Mailgun ( ->,
    • Sendgrid ( ->
    • Mandrill (Go to Inbound in your Mandrill account for exact MX records)
  2. Create SPF and DKIM records for this domain as well, as instructed by your 3rd party provider.
  3. Enable inbound processing in WHMCS for Email Plus+, by going to "Setup, Addon Modules, Email Plus+". Check the box "Process Inbound".
  4. Create support departments, with an email address that matches your new support domains configured before. Note : Emails received by Email Plus+ Webhooks, that do NOT have a matching support department will be discarded.

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