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Setting up SMTP2GO for use with Email Plus+

  1. Create an account with smtp2go at
  2. Login and select "Settings", "API Keys".
  3. Click on "Add API Key".
  4. apikey.png
  5. Enter a Description. Click on "Permissions" and check all boxes. Click on "Tracking" and enable Open Tracking.
  6. Login to your WHMCS server, and go to "Setup, Addon Modules, Email Plus+".
  7. Enter the API key just created for smtp2go.
  8. Go to smtp2go website, Next select "Settings", "Webhooks".
  9. Click on "Add new webhook".
  10. Enter the URL back to your WHMCS site. (The exact URL can be found in your WHMCS by going to "Addons, Email Plus+, Home". Find the info box for smtp2go.
  11. Select the API user just created above. Uncheck all others.
  12. Select ALL events.
  13. Click "test", then "Save". (Check for any errors from test).
  14. Go back to "Settings", "Sender Domains".
  15. Enter your domain used for sending emails from WHMCS. Select "Add Domain".
  16. Configure your DNS records as provided by smtp2go. (You will not be able to send emails until this is completed, and verified).
  17. Click on "Verify". (Note - This may take a few hours to verify successfully).
  18. Go to Email Plus+ addon, and select "Diagnostics" tab. Verify no errors, and send a test email to yourself through smtp2go.
  19. Go to Email Plus+ addon, and select "Template Configs". Enable templates to use smtp2go. Complete!

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