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Installation instructions for Amazon SES

  1. Upload all Email Plus+ files as per the included instructions.
  2. Go to “Setup, Addon Modules, Email Plus+” and Activate then add your license key for email plus.
  3. Log in to your AWS account @ Select the region you want to send from in the upper right corner.
  4. Go to “Services, IAM”. Select “Groups”. Create a new group, and select the Policy “AmazonSESFullAccess” for this group.
  5. Select “Users”, the Add a new user with “Programmatic access”. Add to the user group created in step 4.
  6. Create the new user, and copy the “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”. Paste these into the Email Plus+ addon configuration page.
  7. Next, in AWS select “Services, Simple Email Service”.
  8. Click on “Domains, Verify New Domain”. Add the CNAME and TXT records to your DNS server as instructed for your email domain you will be sending from in WHMCS.
  9. Verify the domain for sending. (You won’t be able to send any emails until this has been completed.)
  10. Click on “Configuration Sets, Create Configuration Set”. Name your new set. Copy this configuration set name, and paste into Email Plus+ addon configuration the Save.
  11. Edit you new configuration set.
  12. Under “Add Destination”,  Select “SNS”. Create a new SNS Destination, with the event types you would like to receive in WHMCS.
  13. Under the “Topic” field, change None to “Create SNS Topic”. Click “Save”.
  14. Go to your WHMCS installation, and select “Addons, Email Plus+”. Scroll down to the Amazon SES information box. Copy the Event Webhook URL.
  15. Now, go back to “Services, Simple Notification Service” in the AWS console. Select “Topics”. Check the box for you topic created in step 12, and under actions select “Subscribe to topic”.
  16. Paste the URL into the “Endpoint” box. Click “Create Subscription”.
  17. Click on “Refresh” icon, on the subsrciption page to verify the new subscription has changed from “PendingConfirmation”, to a valid ARN.
  18. Configuration is now complete. Navigate to “Addons, Email Plus+” in WHMCS and click on the “Diagnostics” tab. Send a test email to yourself through Amazonses.
  19. Please contact Amazon for advanced configuration help. We are not AWS support….

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