Cloud Hosting powered by cPanel

Experience faster load times, infinite scaleability and rock-solid stability! Our cutting edge cloud platform brings you the benefits of the cloud without the complexity!
Вклучено во сите пакети
  • Twice as Fast - Varnish caching and a global CDN coupled with premium hardware means your website loads up to 2x faster.
  • Automatic Failover - We intelligently move your site to a different server if we detect a hardware issue, ensuring your site is always up.
  • Infinitely Scaleable - Grow your site as your traffic grows by instantly adding more resources like CPU or RAM to your site.
  • Stable as a Rock - Our platform automatically stores 3 copies of your data across different devices to ensure redundancy.
  • Intuitive Dashboard - Monitor the resources your website is using, your website's performance and get full control over resource usage.
  • Simple Control Panel - Manage your website and associated services such as Email and subdomains with the industry leading cPanel control panel.