Email Plus+ 12.0

  • Tuesday, 12th November, 2019
  • 07:59am

We are pleased to announce that Email Plus+ 12.0 is now available for download.

Changes include:

  • Update to S3 storage support (this version now requires WHMCS 7.7 or higher).
  •  Fix bug with mass emails failing when an address is suppressed.
  • Improved diagnostics page.
  • Added button to clear all suppression logs.
  • Added additional settings for email plus+, in Addons configuration page.
  • Updated amazonSes provider with latest SDK.
  • Fixed bug with multiple inbound To/CC email addresses.

Coming Soon in 12.1:

To install or upgrade:

  • Upload all files to your server (over-writing existing files).
  • Upload customized phpmailer package to ALL "vendor/phpmailer" folders, including those provided by other addons.
  • Go to Setup, Addon Modules, Email Plus+. Click on "Configure".
  • Check new settings "Email Suppression - Enable" and "Admin Notification". (both near bottom of list).
  • Check all settings, and hit "Save Changes".
  • Go to Addons, Email Plus+ and click on "Diagnostics". Verify there are no issues found. Send a test email to yourself.
  • Go to Addons, Email Plus+ and click on "Template Configs". Verify your templates are configured properly.
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