Email Plus+ 9.0

  • Thursday, 5th July, 2018
  • 10:39am

* This version no longer requires any 3rd party software located in modules/addons/email_plus/vendor. (You can safely remove the vendor folder and all files in it).
* Sendinblue has been updated to use the version 3.0 api. You will need to request a new v3 API Key after upgrading Email Plus+, and reconfigure the addon settings.
* Templates now support a "Primary" and "Secondary" provider. Email Plus+ will attempt to use the secondary, should the primary provider be offline, or rejecting your send request.
Note : This does NOT work for emails that where accepted for delivery by your provider, and then bounced or dropped by the end users email server. (this is coming in a later version).
The provider "Internal" is your local smtp mail server, as configured in WHMCS.

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