Out 22nd Email Plus+ 13.0 Released

Version 13.0 - For WHMCS 8.0 and above, DO NOT configure any 3rd party email providers in "General Settings, Mail tab". Leave it configured with SMTP, or PHP Mail. * Added support for PHP 7.4. * Added support for WHMCS 8.0. * Added sortable table to Suppression Logs. * Improved Licensing model. Suspended and Terminated licenses will now ... Ler Mais »

Jun 1st Email Plus+ 12.1

We are pleased to announce that Email Plus+ 12.1 is now available for download. Changes include: * Added search to suppression logs. * Removed false MySQL errors from activity logs. * Improved Diagnostics. * PHPMailer self install. No need to upload/over-write separately with the Email Plus+ version. * Improved inbound email -> ticket ... Ler Mais »